SHAOOR - The Society

Sha’oor is a team of youth, dedicated to bring the academic, social and moral awareness in the society. Explicitly, Sha’oor is a politically neutral, non-biased student organization which emerged as an idea in 2007 and was established as a student society at Air University, Islamabad in 2008. After voluminous consideration and regarding “Awareness” as a need of the hour, the society was named as “Sha’oor; The Society”

Owing to its promising manifesto and dedication of its team members, Sha’oor came out as the largest society at the campus in a short span of time. After one year of its formation, Sha’oor decided to expand its boundaries nationwide and now it nests a well knitted network of members from at least 30 different Universities and Colleges across Pakistan. Sha’oor holds a broad circle of overseas members, belonging to various Universities of the USA and UK, working efficiently and dynamically round the calendar with Sha’oor and have appeared as a helping hand in managing many projects launched on regional and national level by Sha’oor.

Laying the foundation of Sha’oor and nurturing it to bring up to the position where it stands today, demanded tireless efforts, unconditional commitment, selfless devotion, endless vision, encountering oppositions, meeting tremendous scenarios and what not. But learning and advancing through it all, today we are recognized not just as a student society but an active group of youth who is motivated and devoted to bring up the positive change in the society through various healthy activities at all levels. Sha’oor is dedicated to take up the challenges for the betterment of Pakistan in particular, and the humanity with an unparallel vision and commitment.

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