Sponsor a child programme


Education is fundamental for development and countries around the world need to embrace this in order to develop. Developed nations can help developing ones by cutting debt repayments. The better educated a country is, the easier it is to develop economically.



During the winter break members from the society along with the volunteers went to SOS children village Rawalpindi, where they had been instrumental in imparting education by addressing the problem areas of the students and there by, adhering the need for acquisition of knowledge amongst them. It was then and there decided that there are loads of people in the country who if provided proper chances would advance and supersede the world. Hence SOS’s visit formulates the brainchild of ‘Sponsor a child program’.



we plan to help children in need, who have been identified as high achievers, remain in school and henceforth, support poor non-school going children to pursue education by providing them their daily wages in surplus.



We believe that education can move a child beyond the stigma?of poverty, and give that child the tools to reach his or her true and full potential




The program aims at inculcating the following amongst the children


  • Improving living and health conditions
  • Providing higher education standards
  • Helping children to take pride in themselves by restoring their self-esteem
  • Cultivating a better attitude towards life and society
  • Encouraging the children to love and respect their own culture
  • Making them better and responsible citizens towards the affairs of state


How we Select Children for our Program

Children enrolled in our sponsorship program have been identified as high achievers, meaning they have the potential and desire to learn. These children are identified by social workers and teachers.

The rationale behind selecting children who are high achievers is to help these children, and their respective families, end the cycle of poverty. By helping children in need stay in school, we enable them to participate not only in their own transformation, but also the transformation of their family for generations to come. By giving children who are living in poverty access to education today, they receive the tools to become self sufficient, contributing members of society tomorrow.

Once the family or child has been identified, a social worker visits the family and prepares a detailed report of the family’s situation. This report includes all aspects of the child’s life: the financial details, the family's education and history, and the family's medical and living conditions. Once a child has been accepted into our sponsorship program, he or she is then matched up with one or more sponsors.

How can you help?


We call upon every good heart out there to give us a hand in this valiant effort. The expected expenditure per child are enlisted below
















*plus a wavier for uniform/books each year

** Compensation for parents of children who are employed





You can help as


  • campaigner- spread our word
  • ambassador- link us to NGO’s
  • advisor- provide valuable inputs
  • volunteer- helping the cause
  • donor- donate generously


Children have the need…

We have the vision…

If you have the passion

To make the difference…

Join us!!




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